“Recent behavioral thinking suggests that one’s political stance-be it conservative or liberal- might be largely genetic. No wonder logic turns out to be so ineffective in political discourse. Our last election was won largely on the basis of fear and personality. If one’s political beliefs are driven by our instincts and not by our intelligence, we can all afford to be a bit more generous with each other. Of course the issue becomes, if we hold our beliefs lightly, can we still maintain our passion and indignation when our sense of fairness is violated?”

-Milton Glaser
AIGA National Design Conference
Boston 2005


This blog hopes to address the intersection of design and politics. Political campaigns and initiatives are carefully designed and presented to the public, but typically not part of the design conversation. Whatever your political affiliation may be, I hope this contribution to design discourse provides an analysis of designed political campaigns and current political issues. By highlighting what our country is calling for we can identify where design can help.



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