In noting President Obama’s campaign launch, I immediately headed to to see what the Republican Party’s response would be. Out of anything I would have guessed I would find.. it would not have been this:

Content aside, this is offensively and poorly designed. What a letdown.

The design uses many tactics that cause readability to suffer. We have flashing red type on a red background, knockout type that is straining for the eye and so small, gradation on multiple backgrounds that muddles type, and a very confusing color palette. Navigation is choppy at best, with a tab bar isolated from any content. The text heavy layout in Cambria which is a Microsoft Office ClearType font and reads like a print article (more specifically a draft of a paper you would never turn in) with an atrocious left arrow nav directing viewers back to a Dr. Pepper-esque home page. Ironically, Nicholas Backlund’s Red, White and Bland essay I discussed before addresses the GOP’s desire to stay away from soft drink commercials.

What is additionally disappointing is the lack of ingenuity or use of their party ideals to fundraise for a potential candidate. I leave the site knowing little about the party and even a general direction for the GOP in this next election.

Luckily, this hasn’t been endorsed by any candidate or candidate’s committee so they haven’t completely ruined their entire party’s design credibility. Yet.


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